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You may wonder why a pressure cleaning company would offer roof cleaning when you know that shingles should not be pressure cleaned. The answer is our "NO PRESSURE" soft wash system. WE DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN ROOFS. We clean shingle, metal, and slate roofs. When cleaning a roof, you have to apply the "NO PRESSURE" soft wash cleaning system as if it is a light rain or you will damage the roof. Pressure cleaning a shingled roof will take roughly seven years off the life of your shingle per two independent home inspectors and should NEVER EVER be done that way. Our soft wash system only delivers a spray and is very light so it does not remove any granules. We never use HIGH pressure on roofs. If your roof looks darker or green in some areas then it definitely needs cleaning. Here in Tennessee there are a lot of black streaks on roofs, which is roof mold. Removing it will last for several years depending on the environment and weather. We use only 100% BIODEGRADABLE CLEANER and is PROPRIETARY to DeBord Pressure Cleaning Services. Unfortunately, half of the roofs ever replaced in the Southeast did not need to be replaced, only cleaned. Just as mold and mildew can grow on your vinyl siding, wind blown algae can land and grow on your roof. Replacing your roof because of these algae is like replacing your siding instead of having it cleaned; it just does not make sense. Some roofing contractors do not know what these black streaks are, saying it is the asphalt showing through the shingles or that it is water stains. Some contractors may know it is algae but tell you it cannot be cleaned without damaging the roof. In either case, they may tell you that the roof needs replaced; however, many times this is not true if your roof is still in good shape.


We are asked how much does it cost all the time. The best answer I can give is that it depends how many directions the roof mold is on and how bad it is. It would cost a fraction of replacing a new roof that is typically $10,000 or more just cause you have A LOT of roof mold. We also only charge you for roof mold on your roof that is facing one direction. If you have roof mold facing two directions we charge for two sides. Most roof mold is facing two directions but sometimes on a third or fourth side.


The soft wash process takes 2-4 hours typically and in most cases, your roof will be completely clean and algae free by the time we leave. You do not need to be home during the application; however, we ask that you keep pets inside, close all doors and windows, and ensure that there is a working outdoor water source such as a hose connection.


Cleaning a roof requires the proper set up and experience. Even though our cleaner is 100% biodegradable and completely safe, we want you to check your entire property making sure windows, doors, pets and children are secure. The safe guarding of your flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and lawn is one of our many safety procedures carried out by our technicians. Proper cleaning techniques are always followed on each and every job we perform. We will deliver the final results a homeowner can be proud of.




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