Why you should consider us as your exterior cleaning company?

Simply put, we believe we have helped take the pressure washing and roof cleaning industries to the next level here locally. We take specialized knowledge of chemistry and years of hands on experience to ensure that you are receiving the best results possible, and of course in the SAFEST manner possible. 

We will explain all aspects of our pressure cleaning services to you so you understand what we are doing and why we do it that way. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We are licensed, insured, carry Workers Compensation, and have 20+ years experience!

Why not clean it myself?

Despite what many may think, exterior pressure cleaning is not something that most people should try taking on themselves. Even among the professionals, it can literally take years of experience and thousands of jobs before many reach a high level of competency in these trades.

Simply buying a small pressure cleaner does not qualify a person to have the appropriate knowledge or skill that it takes to achieve quality results, and more importantly, to achieve those quality results safely for you.

What is the big difference between pressure cleaning and soft wash?

Using only pressure can result in – ruined siding, decks with permanent streaks, stripped paint, shingles blown off your roof, broken windows, and more.

    How often should I clean?

    This depends on several things such as the amount of shade you have, how much rainfall we get, the humidity levels and so on. Mostly it is a matter of personal perception. What you consider dirty, mildewed or in need of cleaning someone else may not think so. I personally wash my own house at least once a year.

    A good rule of thumb to follow based on my years of experience is to clean every one to three years.

    What is the black staining on my roof?

    The black mold stains and streaks that appear on roofs is actually blue – green algae (Gloeocapsa magma). This airborne bacterium gets deposited from various different sources, but it is the heat and humidity, combined with the fiberglass and limestone filler components in your shingles that these bacteria FEED on.

    It is the accumulation of dead colonies of these cyanobacteria that create visually dark streaks and stains on the shingles. This buildup holds water, as it stains and darkens your roof – which holds more HEAT. This combination can degrade the life of the shingle; so naturally, removing the stains improves the life of the shingles.

    Can you remove green moss from the roof or do I have to replace the shingles?

    This is an amazing question because most people that have had this problem ended up replacing their roof. We have a solution that is 100% biodegradable that when applied kills the moss almost instantaneously and starts peeling off like a banana. There is no damage to the shingles with our process.

    I need my house, driveway, and deck cleaned. Do you offer a package deal?

    Yes. We will be more than happy to put together a package for you that suits your needs and your budget. Just let us know what you would like cleaned and we will present you with a free estimate.

    Will pressure cleaning remove all stains from my driveway?

    Unfortunately the answer is no. Pressure cleaning can remove most stains and should be cleaned with heat. Concrete is very porous which makes it difficult to remove certain stains like oil and leaves.

    What is a “real estate make ready”?

    Are you trying to sell your home? Pressure cleaning the house, driveway, and/or fence greatly enhances curb appeal and could make the difference to a potential buyer between your home, and another one for sale down the street.

    Do I need to be home when you are working?

    No. All work can be completed as long as we have water, access to the property, and all doors/windows are shut.

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